Samsung Phones are Still Exploding

More on Those Exploding Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue continues to escalate. A man from Florida filed a lawsuit against Samsung stating his phone exploded in his front pocket. The explosion caused the man to have second-degree burns on his leg and his thumb when he tried to remove the phone from his pocket (WARNING! Graphic Photo Below!). The man is seeking an unspecified amount for his “medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.” This is one of the first lawsuits claimed against the phone company, but more may follow as users are sent to the hospital with phone related injuries. (Source: Mashable, ABC News)



Character Limit Extended

Many know the struggle of trying to write a long tweet and getting cut off mid-sentence when you hit character limit. Don’t worry, you can now tweet about your adventurous journey to work without worrying about character limit.Twitter just announced they plan on excluding media from the character limit. But, there is an exception – linking another tweet still takes up characters. So it may not mean much of a difference, but it could be the difference between cutting off a word mid-sentence or actually finishing your sentence. (Source: BuzzFeed)


More Netflix Originals Coming

Depending on how your feel about Netflix Originals (Think Stranger Things, OITNB, House of Cards), Netflix’s new announcement may or may not upset you. Netflix’s CFO, David Wells, announced Tuesday that their target content is 50-50. Meaning they want 50% of Netflix content to be their own programming and the other 50% to be “stuff licensed for its use by outside studios.” Wells also revealed that they are “one-third to halfway” to the 50-50 ratio, or one-sixth of the way there.  Netflix plans on getting closer to their goal by adding 600 hours of Netflix Originals by the end of 2016. (Source: TechCruch)

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