Samsung Develops App for Premature Babies

Samsung + Babies

Samsung is developing an app called “Voices of Life,” as a way to transmit a mother’s voice and heartbeat to their premature baby within an incubator. The idea is to help babies through the incubation period as smoothly as possible. It helps mothers be with the babies virtually when they can’t be there in reality. The child can receive maternal sounds, which in turn can lead to healthy brain development for the child. Mothers record their voices on the app and it’s replayed back to the newborn’s incubator in a frequency understood by the baby. (Source: Morning News USA)

What’s Your SuperPower?  

Photographic memory. Sony is creating Smart Lenses, which are kind of like contact lenses, but with the ability to record and playback videos. Sony has recently filed a patent for the design. Sensors allow for feedback to differentiate between whether an individual is blinking to blink or an extended blink to control the lenses. The Smart Lenses will have features such as autofocus, exposure adjustment and zooming. You will be able to go back and watch all of your favorite memories. Huge potential for many fields like law enforcement, healthcare, athletics…society. Yes, privacy is dead and we have a book for it: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. (Source: Digital Trends)

What to Say When Someone Asks You What You Would Like to Be in Another Life…

“A tree.” Bio Urn is a capsule that allows you to grow into a tree after you die. Say whaaaat? It goes like this: Your ashes are put into a cannister at the bottom, and a tree grows from the top. The ashes decompose into the soil as the roots grow through the layer of ashes. “There’s a lot of people we don’t know…on Facebook, Twitter and on our YouTube videos, everywhere you can imagine, they tell us, ‘Hey I want I to do that. I want to be a maple, or a sequoia, or a giant redwood’,” said Roger Moliné. Roger and Gerard Moliné are two brothers that run the company, who hope to change the way people envision death. Which tree would you pick to grow into? Check out your options here. (Source: Urnabios)

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