Samsung Completes Note 7 Investigation

Exploding Phone Investigation Closes

Note 7 is off the market, as the investigation comes to an end to the exploding phone. Samsung has not given details as to the main source for the Note 7 exploding on its users. However, there are suggestions that a battery malfunction could be the issue. A partnership between LG and Samsung may arise for LG to start producing non explosive battery for the new Note 8. One way for Samsung to reassure consumers that all is well is for them to just spill the beans on the issue at CES this upcoming month.  (Source: Mashable)


New Google Maps Update

Wheelchair users Google Maps is now your best friend. Google Maps has a new update that allows its users to know whether a location is wheelchair accessible.  The new asset to Maps can be found under the amenities tab in Maps. The new feature will allow users to plan their next trip comfortably by showing whether a restaurant or location is wheelchair friendly. The new update was built by Rio Akasaka, product manager for Google, who took advantage of an offer Google has for employees to work on their own projects. You can also play a part for new features and updates to come by going to the Your Contribution tab and answering questions on locations you have visited. (Source: The Next Web)


Things to Expect with AirPods

AirPods are now available for purchase, while some are waiting in line to buy them there are those who are not sold yet. For those not convinced yet, here is a summary on what to expect with AirPods. The bluetooth connection is incredible with only one slight issue. The bluetooth connection allows users to roam around the house or to their garage while charging their phone. There may be some popping or crackling brief noises that happen around other surrounding bluetooth connections. The battery life is said to last about 3 hours, but the charging is about 30 minutes or less. Sound quality is higher than its predecessor EarPods, but not by a wide margin. Another thing Apple users will have to get used to is double tapping to open Siri. Only time will tell if cutting the cord on EarPods will be successful not just in sales but also a step in the right direction in technological advances. (Source: MacRumors)


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