Razer’s New Triple Threat

Project Valerie: A Command Center You Only See in Movies

If you’re a fan of Batman you are aware of his ridiculously cool gadgets, like the super computer he uses to do detective work in his Batcave. At CES, gaming company Razer unveiled the design for Project Valerie, a laptop with three built-in 4k screens that retract into a ‘compact’ 12-pound notebook. You may be asking why in the world is this necessary? Well, it’s cool! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or an overworking cave dweller, this new super laptop will have all the screens to help deliver an unbeatable gaming experience. Most importantly, it might allow you to game better and more often at work. We’ll have to ask our good friends at Warby Parker if staring at 3 giants screens all day is a good thing. (Source: Mashable)


Amazon Targets Enterprises in India

The tech king keeps growing and growing. Seattle-based Amazon has just announced that its business service in India is expanding. Large enterprises and business customers who order products in bulk are thrilled. Rival companies in India such as Flipkart and Snapdeal do not yet offer enterprise deals, giving Amazon the edge in acquiring this lucrative business. Currently, Amazon is only offering these deals in the western state of Maharashtra, but plans on expanding throughout the rest of the country soon. So if you are in India ordering all those uncomfortable office chairs and red staplers (“who took my stapler” – Milton) just got easier! (Source: Mashable)


Twitter Sets Date for Closing of Vine

Sorry Vine fans, all good things must come to an end. Social media giant Twitter announced yesterday that the once popular mini-video app (6 seconds) Vine will officially shut down on January 17th and become Vine Camera. It’ll be similar as Vine, just on Twitter now. Users must download and save their old Vines; Twitter has sent out handy FAQs to ease the process. You’ll still be able to capture those great live moments on your phone like when your buddy trips over his cat and falls down the entire staircase. (Source: Mashable)




This digital transformation speaker predicts Snapchat will shut down soon as well.

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