Professor Einstein Robot Pushes Amazon’s Alexa

AI Einstein Teaches and Learns

Hanson Robots revealed its miniature robot dubbed Professor Einstein at the CES tech show in Vegas. And it’s a mesh of creepy and cool – think TripAdvisor gnome meets Amazon Alexa meets dead German physicist. The mini-robot is paired with an app called Stein-O-matic. It can be used to teach science, play games, solve problems, and answer questions.Professor Einstein is not only teaching you, but learning human interaction; the intelligence of the AI keeps growing the more it learns. Our favorite Einstein quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Tilt, a Storytelling App

Tilt is a storytelling app that involves colorful textiles that can also decorate your child’s room. The “Jungle Rug” and “Enchanted Duvet” tell stories to children when they focus on a specific part of the rug or duvet. The stories are realistic and come with a variety of characters. Tilt is currently working on bringing more AR (augmented reality) technology with textiles. Now your child can keep warm and hear a story on an iPad as they point to sections on their  blanket. (Source: Engadget)

A Safety Ring

Meeting that random person on Craigslist can now be a little safer. Introducing Nimb, a ring that can help alert others when you are in a dangerous situation. Nimb secretly provides your location to friends or emergency personnel and alerts them when you are in danger. Calling the authorities might not be possible and can take up to 30 seconds. Nimb reduces this time to 3 seconds. Nimb can be worn for up to two weeks before needing power and it is compatible with iOS and Android. The ring comes in sizes 3-12, in colors black and white, and  costs $129. Say bye-bye, to scary blind dates. (Source: Business Insider)


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