Prioritize Your To-Do List (From the What The M Podcast)

Recently, Equalman was featured on What the M, a new podcast that discusses the complex issues facing default services and the path forward for the mortgage industry and homeowners alike. And now, we’re reposting that episode here on the Super U Podcast. Erik stopped by to discuss his book, The Focus Project, and how it can help leaders, lawyers, and anyone else who struggles with prioritizing their to-do list!

Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Prioritize Your To-Do List (From the What The M Podcast)

Episode Preview:

“We want to beat Father Time, you know, Father, time is undefeated, we want to wring more out of our 24-hour day. So all good things and why we want to quote-unquote, air quotes multitask. And the reason I’m using air quotes is because we as human beings really can’t multitask. We can’t do two cognitive tasks at once. So if I’m sitting on this podcast doing this interview, while I’m trying to write an email in between questions, that’s a bad No, no, we can’t do that because our brains switching tasks. And so we’re doing the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. Most of us are multitasking so we can get more done during the day. Ironically, because it’s switch-tasking our brains trying to figure out what’s more important A or B or A or B. In that moment of switching, our IQ can jump up to 15 points. And my dad’s always quick to point out, he’s like, son, you definitely can’t afford to lose 15 points, that’s a high percent. But that’s the equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hours. As teams, especially if you have legal teams, your productivity can decrease by 40%.

So [we] got to remind ourselves that actually [we’re] getting more done when I single task, single task, single task. Now what I call good Asking good tasking is if you’re using two different parts of your brain. So if you’re on a conference call and want to go for a walk in the woods, do it, that’s really good. That’s really good for you’re getting exercise during the conference call perfectly fine, as long as it’s not too loud. That’s, that’s what I call good tasking. Because you’re using two different parts of your brain, one’s more physical manual, the other one’s more cognitive. So you can fold laundry while you’re on that call as well, whatever you want to do, but what you want to avoid is what most of us do, is what we call multitasking is trying to do two cognitive tasks at once. And just remind yourself, that you’re getting less done. And it’s actually unhealthy for you to do that.”

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