Pokemon Go App Hits No. 1 – Nintendo Shares Soar

Pokemon Go Becomes #1 App

If you see Millennials looking at their phones in their outstretched arms and moving quickly and excitedly in different directions they are trying to catch Pokemon….maybe it was a Squirtle – think half turtle/squirrel. Yep, this stuff exists. The game uses augmented reality to show images of Pokemon in real-world places and then you try and catch them. And you thought Farmville was annoying.

A girl in our office almost peed her pants she was so excited when we told her about this game. Appears a lot of others are excited too – number one, just saying. Nintendo’s shares rose 10% on the news, raising the firm’s market value to around $23 billion. Enjoy Pokemon Go while it lasts before someone runs into oncoming traffic trying to capture a Pokemon in an effort to reach level 6. (Source: Metro)

Dallas Police and Social Media

Last night in Dallas, TX five police officers were killed and six were injured. This has everyone questioning what is going on with the world. Moments before the tragic events unfolded the Dallas Police Department’s Twitter account contained images of friendly protesters posing with police officers.

After the shots, the Dallas Police went to Twitter for help finding a person of interest. Tweeting a photo of a person of interest, Dallas Police received backlash on if this was the right thing to post. The man in the tweeted photo turned himself into police and was released hours later.  

A bystander hid behind a tree and streamed the events on Facebook. The Facebook live stream received over 3 million views. To disable the assailant the Police resorted to detonated a bomb via a robot near the shooter. As we have seen technology will continue to be used in these events and hopefully start preventing them from occurring in the first place. (Source: Mashable)  

Try Out Apple iOS 10 Beta Now

Are you so excited for the new Apple software that you just can’t wait until September? You’re in luck because you can Beta test it. Yesterday, Apple revealed that a public beta available for those who are just too hype for new software. But with this beta test could be lots of bugs, wonky apps and possible data loss – so definitely back up your phone before testing out the new features. Go to https://beta.apple.com/ where you can sign up to be a beta tester and download iOS 10. (Source: USA Today)

End to End Encryption for Facebook Messenger

Today, Facebook is rolling out a beta version of “secret conversations”. The idea of this is that the messages will be encrypted so that no one would be able to read them. Encrypted is a fancy word for communication where only the recipient can see it AKA top secret. Facebook isn’t the first one to try this out, Apple iMessage has been doing it for a while and Facebook-owned WhatsApp started in April. (Source: Wired)

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