Pixel Buds Are a Tourist’s Best Buds

Study Abroad Will Never Be the Same

Google is launching Pixel Buds for $159 in November. They don’t look like your typical in-ear headphones, and they sure don’t work like them either. The buds are non-noise-isolating and there is an adjustable loop at the top that secures them in your ears. There is a touch pad on the right earbud to control music, volume, answer calls, and summon Google Assistant. More importantly, Pixel phone users can get real-time translation through Google Translate. Pixel Buds picks up what the other person is saying and translates right in your ear. Now we really won’t have a reason to take off our headphones. Sorry mom! (Source: CNET)


Netflix Rai$ing Price$

Netflix is raising the price of its most popular plan, streaming in HD on two devices, from $9.99 to $10.99. Its $11.99 plan, which includes 4K streaming on four devices, is now going to cost $13.99. The cheapest plan will stay at $7.99. These price adjustments kick in as Netflix adds more exclusive TV shows, movies, and other product features. Chances are, you are spending more hours on Netflix than ever before, watching original shows like “Stranger Things,” so although we hate to admit it, this price increase is a necessary evil for the good content to keep rolling in. (Source: TechCrunch)


The Fire Emoji Drops a Fire Mixtape

In the past, Facebook Messenger group chats could build collaborative Spotify playlists with the help of an AI assistant, but couldn’t stream full songs. Facebook Messenger is now integrating with Apple Music to allow just that, but only for Apple Music subscribers. Like the Spotify extension, Apple Music has a bot allowing users to build playlists and in a classic Apple play, they have added an extra dash of magic: if you send the bot an emoji, it will curate a playlist based on the personality of the emoji. Send a fire emoji and you’ll get the “It’s lit!” playlist. If you want to check out your favorite (and least favorite) emoji’s jams just for giggles, it’s not too late to start your free Apple Music trial. (Source: The Verge)

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