Order Girl Scout Cookies Online … WHAT?!


Girl Scouts just launched Digital Cookie 2.0, an online platform for girl scouts to manage their rookie cookie business. Instead of taking your order at a traditional cookie booth a Girl Scout might send you a link to her ordering page or take your order via a mobile app. “Mommy I need an iPhone to take my cookie orders.” Digital Cookie 2.0 is designed to teach girls how to run a small business one cookie at a time by setting sales goals, projections, etc. Ordering Girl Scout cookies just became dangerously easy,  while still supporting your local girl scout. Super Cool Mint.

What to Say When Your Friend Asks For Your Secret Cookie Recipe…

No comment. That’s what Apple is saying in response to their “secret” lab in Taiwan. In a new screen innovation lab, fifty engineers are designing advanced screen technology for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook). The funny thing is that this lab is supposed to be a secret. Records indicate Apple moving into an unmarked building, in Longtan Science Park, last April. . Apple is keeping it hush hush so, shhh. (Source Fortune)

It’s Going Down…

Yet another security hack has happened. The victim this time was MacKeeper and its 13 million users. MacKeeper is a software that claims to keep Macs safe but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 13 million people have had leaks in their emails and personal information caused by a hole in the MacKeeper software. The company hastily fixed the error but that doesn’t help the 13 million . With hacks happening like wildfire, none of your personal information is safe online. MacKeeper posted this blog post explaining what happened and said they are providing a live chat for questions to get answered. (Source CNET)


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