Operate From Your Heart Space with Myles Sherman

Today, Erik sits down with Myles Sherman. Myles has been a force in the entrepreneurial realm since he began his first venture at twenty-three years old with five thousand dollars and his truck. He started his journey with custom home building, then moved to land development, and then began his own company M. Sherman & Associates Land Development LLC. After selling his real estate holdings between 2006 and May of 2008, Myles moved to a more entrepreneurial standpoint and began investing his earnings in start-ups, mature companies, banks, and real estate worldwide, while sitting on boards for most of the ventures he started or became a part of. Erik and Myles discuss the importance of integrating your work life with your personal life rather than attempting to separate the two, what it was like for Myles to raise three entrepreneurs, how that led to family breakfast and taking one-on-one vacations with each of his kids, he offers advice to young entrepreneurs on raising money and growing your business, and Myles shares life-altering advice given to him by his father that has served him greatly in both his personal and professional relationships.

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Operate From Your Heart Space with Myles Sherman

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“So when I look at investing in deals, I placed people before product, right? I believe one of my core values is if I believe in the people behind the project, they ask for investing, and they will figure it out. We have lost money and getting it taken off is when the people were so good. I love the product. I love the idea. That’s where I’ve gotten killed. So that’s number one is you got to be believing the people and when I’m passionate about something, you know, it, it’s it just it seeps out. Same thing with you like your children’s book versus legal documents. You have to read legal documents, you have to do it well. But you’re passionate about this children’s book you’re writing. So he would ask me to invest in one of those two things with development, I could see the passion in your face when you were talking to managers now. So as far as you know, entrepreneurs and mentoring entrepreneurs always tell them to do what they love. There were studies about this shit 15-20 years ago when we do sit as I could never be a lawyer because I couldn’t sit down and make legal documents all day, I can never be a CPA, can’t sit on my desk and do the same thing all day, every day. That’s not how my brain works. I like to touch four or five different deals in a day because that keeps my energetic juices flowing. That gives me excitement.

So all entrepreneurs that I know that assess will have to have a little bit ADHD, you know, they have to be a little scattered, they have to always be firing on all cylinders, not six or not eight. And so I want people who were a little bit out there a little bit different. Maybe it didn’t fit in when they were in high school or college or whatever. And look, it also comes down to the numbers. You know, when I look at when we present a business plan, when we’re raising money on a deal, the numbers have to make sense. You I can’t tell you how many deals I’ve said no to look at 2030 to 50 deals a year and I say no to 90% 95% I can’t tell you how many deals I’ve looked at what gives it this but you don’t understand my whole system. They are in our opportunity. Maybe it is but the odds are one a day and then for 30 So the numbers have to be sensible, right? And when I’m presenting a deal to you or any Want to invest in? You have to get a good return or you’re not, you know, but if it’s, Hey, you’re gonna invest a million dollars, I’m gonna turn into $100 million in a year. That’s not feasible, could have happened? Sure, could you win the lottery if you buy lottery tickets? Sure. It’s got to be logical, you know, two plus two in my brain, because I’m kind of a math guy two plus two, has to always equal for any business plan, not to say that the two plus two will equal three or zero or 27, down the road.

But initially, as an entrepreneur, you have to have a sensible business plan and get advice, you know, from your bankers, small community banks are great resources with their loan officers and their team to help entrepreneurs always recommend you, entrepreneurs. A giant thing. You’re too small for an EO, you know, you touched on the I want to circle back to that real quick, Eric, if I may do was one of the best things that ever did. It helps me learn, mature grow as an entrepreneur, I’ve been a member for 30 to 33 years. I’ve watched Entrepreneurs Organization grow, right, and we went from 350 members and worldwide in was US and Canada. Now we’re in 76 countries with 18,000 members. So we’ve kind of grown together, I’m very passionate about that. They have a lot of programs to help young entrepreneurs take themselves to the next level. Even entrepreneurs who don’t qualify, we’ve got a program for that. And if you don’t qualify, we’ll help you qualify, we’ll help you get there. And so on. I know you know this because you’re a giver, right? I’ve always felt better, leaving a conversation when I help someone. I don’t care what it was, right? What realm it was. Kids, friends, entrepreneurs, somebody who’s not an employee, you always feel better about them, you energize yourself, and you energize them, and you make them feel loved and valued. And so EO has done that for me and taught me so much. And therefore I gave back, you know, that three-and-a-half-year global standard was rough.

My kids were young, I missed a lot of events. But ultimately, it was the right thing to do. So get involved with an organization have a support group, right? Read, you know, read your books, read other books, listen to podcasts, educate yourself. I’m self-educated, I’ve already had way too much. Knowledge, I always say I joined a fraternity at the University of Texas, not school. And that was one of my core values about how I got started, I had to sober up at 22. I woke up one day and said I’m probably not going to be alive at 25. And there’s no way I can accomplish the goals I want to accomplish in life, not just from an entrepreneurial business standpoint, but from having a successful marriage having being assessed as successful as being a successful grandfather, right? That pays dividends to the world times 1000s. Because those your kids, your grandkids in Ukraine, can you touch somebody rich, on you, either you either screwed him up or you you you value them you love them. The last thing I’ll say that is one of my core values as a parent is, you know this, you’re a parent, you will absolutely make mistakes, right? I told my older two kids who have kids, right when their babies are born and said, “You will screw this up, this parenting gig, you will make mistakes. But if you always operate from your heart space, it’s never the wrong decision.” Right? And so, and that’s kind of true in the business world, your employees, your partners will come to you with their personal problems will bleed over and your business learn from life escape. Let me help you. Let’s talk about the so if you operate from you, yeah, if you operate from your heart space, you’re always golden, you know?”

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