One Less Drone

Lily Camera Discontinues Operations

Drone pilots beware as one more drone company has been taken off the market. At last year’s CES show, a star was thought to be born in drone producer The Lily company. Entitled the Flying Lily, the drone came equipped with a camera and a starting price of $800. Despite promise from multiple investors, the 3-year startup out of Berkeley could never secure financing for manufacturing and shipping. (Source: Mashable).


HTC’s New Phone Has Two Displays and No Headphone Jack

It seems as though Apple started a trend when introducing the iPhone 7 with no headphone jack. Now, Taiwanese phone developer HTC is following suit. For their new line of ‘U’ devices, HTC has unveiled the U Ultra Play, equipped with two 5.7 inch QHD displays and 64GB of storage. You may be thinking…sweet, let’s take multitasking to a whole new level! While this may be true, remember you won’t be able to plug your earphones to listen to that funny YouTube video or voicemail in a loud area. As our Skinny subscribers can attest, this headphone jack on phones thing really grinds our gears. (Source: Mashable).


Google Launches New Animation App for Kids

For kids who can’t put down Mommy’s iPhone, now there’s a whole new reason to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Google has unveiled Toontastic 3D, an animation app that lets kids create and draw 3D objects that come to life on screen. Through the app, kids can tell their own story with characters and creations that make their imagination come to life. Back in our day, we didn’t have fancy gadgets that let us draw our own characters on screen. We did it the old fashioned way, by using these neat things called paper and crayons. (Source: Mashable).



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