Olympic Swimmers Get into Heated Splash Fight


What are the Olympics without some good heated competition? Australian swimmer Mack Horton has been hashing it out with Chinese rival Sun Yang. Horton made a comment towards Yang saying he had no “time or respect for drug cheats,” referring to Yang’s drug use outing in 2014. A few more words were exchanged, Sun splashed Horton in the face at a training session #SwimmerRage, and after Horton’s win he supposedly snubbed Sun when they received their medals. Then Sun cried when he lost the race, with social media blowing up with “Sun Yang Don’t Cry.” The best part of it all? Angry Sun fans took to Instagram and put snakes all over Horton’s posts. They got Horton where “the sun” don’t shine. “Sssssssssss.” (Source: The Guardian)



Lifeguards Found in Rio

Have you ever thought your job might be pointless? A complete waste of time? Ever find yourself staring at the wall? Think again, your job might not be that bad after all. Imagine being the lifeguard for the Olympian swimmers. No but really, they have those. A picture of a lifeguard in Rio for the Olympics has been a laughing sensation on Twitter. His face expresses such boredom you can almost feel his pain. A different lifeguard says it’s a one in a million chance of a swimmer actually needing to be rescued, but he likes to dream about it. (Source: Mashable)

“Holy Cricket You’re Harry Potter!”

NBCUniversal has acquired the broadcast and cable rights to all of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World franchise. Starting in 2018, fans can watch all of the Harry Potter movies and upcoming “Fantastic Beasts” films on USA Network and Syfy. Bloody hell! The deal also includes a slice of the Universal theme parks and secures some type of partnership with Pottermore. Pottermore is the digital heart of the Wizarding World where you can explore J.K. Rowling’s articles and her team’s news articles, features, etc. – you even be sorted into your own house. Not Slytherin, not Slytherin, not Slytherin… (Source: CNET)

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