Olympic Committee Bans Non-Sponsor Brands from Tweeting

Olympic Ban on Twitter

With the summer Olympics less than 10 days away, excitement over the games are rising, and many businesses are tweeting about their brands. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants to stop brands who haven’t paid millions towards the committee from tweeting, even threatening legal action. Action will be taken among those who use trademarks including ‘Olympic’, ‘Olympian’ and ‘Go for the Gold’.  The committee even calls terms like ‘summer’, ‘gold’, ‘effort’, ‘Rio’ and ‘2016’ off limits if they are used when talking about the games. A warning was also sent to all the brands who sponsor athletes individually. This is the committee’s way of cracking down on ‘Rule 40’. The ban will begin on Wednesday and continue until the Olympic games are over. (Source: Mashable)


Facebook’s New Way to Celebrate Birthdays

Ever forget a birthday and have Facebook save the day with a reminder? Well, Facebook has decided to implement a new video tool to create a personalized birthday video. On the day of your birthday, the tool will gather birthday wishes and photos of your special day and create your own personal video. You can also edit the clip by adding or removing posts. The birthday videos will be coming soon, so August babies be ready! (Source: Mashable)


Apple’s Billionth iPhone Sold

Congratulations Apple! On Wednesday it was announced that Apple had sold it billionth iPhone. It was almost exactly nine years ago today that the iPhone first went on sale, July 29, 2007, and today it has hit an incredible milestone. Equally impressive is the fact they reached 1 billion so quickly, considering just two years ago only 500 million iPhones had been sold. However, in January, Apple announced its 1 billionth active device (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, etc.),a year and a half after Google’s announcement of 1 billion active users. Benedict Evans, an analyst for Andreessen Horowitz, says that there are ‘630 million active iPhones’ compared to the ‘1.3 to 1.4 billion phones’ for Android. But still congrats Apple! (Source: Mashable)

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