No Solar Eclipse Glasses? No Problem.

No Solar Eclipse Glasses? No Problem.

If your mom called this morning warning you not to look directly at the sun today, then Happy Solar Eclipse day! Moms are always right after all. Scientists are urging everyone to avoid looking directly at the solar eclipse for risk of going blind. And those who have already tried to capture the monumental event on camera, have had their camera lens human torched. However, there are still cool methods to see the effect. One way is to use your hands to make a ‘pinhole’ to create crescent-shaped shadows on the ground, correlating to the partial phases of the eclipse. A different way is to look at the sunlight passing through layers of leaves and branches of a tree, creating thousands of projected images. Can you imagine how much NASA is geeking out about this right now? They’re all probably having a total eclipse of the heart. (Source: NASA)


Another One Bites the Dust

Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Banner, was officially fired last Friday, right on time for Trump’s discussion on Afghanistan tonight. Banner has scurried back to his roots to the news site Breitbart he used to run before jumping onto Trump’s campaign. The former chief strategist was known for not playing well with others, and apparently Trump had a green-eyed monster when Banner took credit for Trump’s policies. Moreover, Banner was a nationalist pusher, always clashing with other top officials. For now, retired Marine general John Kelly is the new kid in the White House. (Source: Bloomberg, ABC News)


*Game of Thrones Spoiler is Near*


Keep Reading at Your Own Discretion *GOT Spoiler Alert*

For anyone who watched Game of Thrones last night [and let’s hope you did or you’ll be getting the ultimate spoiler] the biggest surprise was when Daenerys’s dragon Viserion turned into a White Walker. We all felt the emotional doom once Viserion died, but then escalated when the dragon’s eyes illuminated blue. Not to mention everything else paving the biggest battle yet of this season. Can Arya and Sansa get over their differences already? Or what about when Tormund almost died, never forget “Tormund and Brianne’s monster babies.” Or maybe you’re all jazzed up about Jon Snow and Daenerys emotional moments alone together. All we know is we can’t wait for next Sunday!

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