Nissan’s Self-Driving Office Chairs

Nissan Parking Technology Implemented into Office Chairs

Nothing like strolling into your office on a Monday and discovering your chair is missing or has been replaced with a bean bag. Most likely it’s Bob from accounting that “borrowed” your chair in his weekly update meeting (#snoozer). Nissan hopes to solve for this chair snatching. The Japanese auto giant is implementing its Intelligent Park Assist technology into chairs and other objects. This will allow the chair to park itself, using tiny rotors and wheels to propel itself. The chairs react to clap commands (it’s hard not to sing clap on, clap off, the clapper), giving them the signal to return to the designated desk they came from. Self-driving chairs are cool. Clapping to retrieve them is not cool, especially early in the morning. If I’m trying to sneak out of the office early, the last thing I want to do is announce my departure with a clap. We are guessing the clap will be replaced with an app. The chairs aren’t currently designed for you to ride in them, but that would be cool. Not great for reducing obesity, but cool nonetheless. Also that would be weird if you clapped and your chair returned with your boss sitting in it. (Source: Mashable).


App Store Prices in UK Soaring Higher

(In posh British accent), blast Brexit, you’ve done it again! Due to the weak pound exchange rate following the Brexit vote in June, cost of apps and in-app purchases will see an increase by as much as 25%. Apps that once cost 0.79 pounds will now cost 0.99 pounds, while more expensive Tier 2 apps will see similar increases in price. Other factors like business practices and taxes have also contributed to the rise in app costs. So next time you’re in the UK, really think to yourself, do I really need to buy Mario Kart right now, or can it wait till I’m back in the states? (Source: Mashable).


Modified Tesla Model S is Crazy Fast…er

Just when you thought the Tesla Model S couldn’t get any faster, think again. A new and improved version of the electric sedan has been created for the Electric GT Championship. This modified version can go from 0-62 mph in 2.1 seconds, with 0 cars in production even coming close to this speed. The original Model S can go from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds. This faster speed was achieved through simple modifications According to Electric GT, 500 kilograms were shed off the car, brakes and suspension were upgraded. The motor was also pushed to 778 horsepower and advanced racing tires were fit to the car.  (Source: Mashable).





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