Nintendo Will Release Pokemon Go Plus Wristband Late

Pokemon Go Wristband Released Late

Nintendo just can’t catch a break! With their recent and unexpected market value loss looming over their head (reminder – investors were surprised that Nintendo only owns less than 40% of the rights to the current game) , Nintendo adds widespread disappointment with their newest announcement. The much anticipated Pokemon Go Plus wristband will be released in September, two months after the proposed launch date. Plus is a $34.99 add-on that makes the game easier for traniners (those of use trying to catch Pokemon). The wristwatch release could be two months too late, as Pokemon Go has seen the recent decline of millions of users mainly from some of us tired of it draining our battery.. (Source: Mashable)


Next Level Photos With Microsoft Pix

Microsoft has a new iPhone app, Microsoft Pix. The technology behind the app allows for the best picture possible. How? The app will take 10 photos and select the best pixels from each photo to give you the best picture ever. But wait there is more! When opened, the app will start buffering frames, allowing you to never miss the perfect shot. The app even has photo-enhancing filters. (Source: Mashable)


Nokia’s Big Comeback

Nokia is most notably known for their giant brick phone that featured the snake game. Recently Nokia indicated they would make their comeback with two new ‘high-end’ android phones. They also stated the phones will have the same ‘famous Nokia feel’. Nokia will have tough competition going up against competitors like Apple and Samsung, but they have a licensing deal with HMD Global to create the new generation Nokia phones. Even though Nokia phones will not really be Nokia brick phones, maybe they’ll still have the snake game. (Source: Newsweek)

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