New Samsung Phone: Galaxy A

Replacing Note 7

Samsung is bringing out a fresh line of phones called Galaxy A. The new line has three new phones that are waterproof, dust proof and sweat proof. It’s good news they are waterproof in case the phone catches on fire you can dump your Evian without hesitation. Seriously though, this new line is expected  to help regain consumer confidence after all the combustible battery issues with their current offering. Joining the mainstream world, Samsung has decided to use Type-C USB chargers for this series. The Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 will have a larger battery to support faster charging. The expandable memory capability is still available and the selfie front camera is getting an upgrade as well. The new line comes out in Russia later this year and will be slowly roll out to the rest of the world. (Source: Mashable)


Virtual Reality Room

Scale-1 Portal is trying to break into the virtual reality world with a splash. A new form of virtual reality is on its way to the 2017 CES Tech show in Vegas.This form of virtual reality is new in introducing a wireless environment that keeps it virtual, yet close to reality. It simply includes a pair of glasses and a wall. You can now move around not just in the virtual world, but also in the real world. This could be huge in areas such as fitness since it will be less dangerous for an individual to move if they haven’t completed blocked out the real world.  The set-up is more expensive than others and it will be marketed primarily to businesses. (Source: BBC News)


Smart Scarf to Fight Pollution

If you are one of those people worried about pollution, your solution may have arrived! The smart scarf has been created by Wair a company that focuses on having pure air wherever you go. The scarf has an app that alerts the user when to put on the scarf to help filter the air. The app also tells the user when to change the filter which is removable from the scarf and allows the user to wash the scarf regularly. The scarf is being targeted  for pedestrians and cyclists and it looks like something a snowboarder would wear when it’s 10 degrees below zero.You can preorder one here before the CES Tech show. (Source: BBC News)


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