New iPhone Design Leaked

iPhone Renamed

Out with the old and in with the new…at least that’s what a leak from Pacific Crest supply chain revealed in a note last week. In the note, it hinted that Apple is ditching the number series and the next iPhone will be called iPhone Pro. The note also hinted that Apple will be shifting towards using organic LED (OLEDs for short) screen technology along with an all glass casing. The next model will be thinner and have a longer battery life. So far, 2016 hasn’t been the best performing year for Apple with their stock down 5%.. Analysts believe that the shift to names vs. numbers should give Apple more time to innovate and differentiate. Time will tell. (Source MSN)

Facebook To Use Video Ads

If you’re searching for another way to spend your money, then does Facebook have news for you. The social media site is ramping up their use of video content to deploy “shoppable” video ads. Sound familiar? Google Shopping has been doing something very similar for a while. Facebook is hopping on the bandwagon since they’re betting on the power of video with hopes the commercials will make it easier to discover new items and drive purchases. Testing will begin next month so make sure to hide your credit cards from yourself because online shopping just got simpler.. (Source Engadget )

When Your Parents Need to Have a Sitdown

The big dogs are talking and they’re not messing around. Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube had a sit down with the European Union to discuss a new code of conduct policy regarding online harassment and hate speech. The new regulations are meant to prevent terrorist propaganda from spreading across the EU. The code establishes that “the majority of” hateful content be reviewed and removed within 24 hours of being notified. The new policy also applies that all tech companies identify and promote “interdependent counter-narratives” to published hate speech online. The policy is making tech companies more accountable for policing content and is the first unified policy regarding online hate speech implemented in the EU. (Source The Verge)


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