Netflix Gifts the World with Offline Download

Netflix’s Winter Gift to the World

You can now binge watch everywhere. Internet access is no longer a restriction, because Netflix has finally gifted us the ability to binge watch offline. But, like all great things there’s a catch. The offline feature is not available to all shows and movies in the Netflix Library. You’re in luck if your favorite shows are Netflix features like The Crown and OITNB, because all of Netflix’s content is available for offline viewing. So, how do you view offline? Starting today, there is an option allowing you to download shows or movies. However, we don’t know how many episodes you can download at a time, how long episodes stay downloaded, or what download requirements are needed to download shows and movies. Whoops, we never said we knew everything. (Source: Mashable)

Google’s History Lesson in Geography

Google launched Timelapse back in 2013 and the project works with Google Earth to illustrate how the Earth has changed in the last 30 years. But, Google has recently updated Timelapse with images from 2013-2016, and sharpened up their past images. You can now view the imagery of the earth from 1984 to 2016. Timelapse offers a preselected set of interesting locations, like the Hourihan Glacier in Antarctica and the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco. But, you can also explore the map at any location in the world. Happy exploring into the world of how deforestation, glacial motion, urbanization and war affect the Earth as we know it. Not sure if it will cover the remodel you did on your lake house in ‘93. (Source: Mashable)

Twitter Trolls Back at it Again

The Queensferry Crossing in Scotland is getting ready to open up in 2017, and the Foreign Office Twitter account has tweeted to let us all know about it. But, when they tweeted a picture of a bridge, it was so not the Queensferry Crossing. The bridge illustrated in the tweet was the Forth Bridge that originally opened in 1890. This didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the world, and they had a lot to say about it. Many Twitter users tweeted other images the Foreign Office could have used. (Source: Mashable)




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