McDonald’s & Pokemon To Partner

PokéUpdate: McDonald’s and Pokémon Go Partnership

Reddit PokéFans speculated about a pending partnership between McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company, when Reddit users found a decompiled PokéCode in the Pokémon Go! app. According to Gizmodo, the Reddit users’ PokéTheory is confirmed. As part of the partnership, all McDonald’s will either become a PokéStop or a gym. Sadly, there’s a catch. This partnership will only launch in one Asian country. Which country? It’s highly speculated that the debut will happen in Japan, since this is the birthplace of Pokémon.

Also, Pokémon is now available for PokéPlay in Portugal, Italy and Spain.

This McDonald’s partnership is likely the first of manys by Nintendo as they have retailers lining up to pay big dollars for foot traffic. We don’t know how long the popularity of the game will last but augmented reality in physical locations is a game changer for retailers, restaurants, and beyond. Local businesses are already running organic promotions around Pokémon Go to attract foot traffic so it only makes sense for Nintendo to share in the revenues they are helping to generate. (Source: Gizmodo)

Concert Drones Coming To A Concert Near You

Concert & festival goers know the struggle of not being able to post a Snapchat because of poor cell phone service. AT&T is trying to take a stab at solving this problem with drones. The drone craze is real. AT&T has the idea to build cell extensions into drones and fly them over large events or disaster responses. Sounds great right? Well, the name doesn’t sound so great. AT&T has the bright idea of calling the drones, Flying COWs…short for cell on wings. We’ll see how well that goes over. (Source: The Verge)

Nintendo Craze In Effect

Nintendo is on a roll. Following the success of Pokémon Go!, Nintendo announced a collector’s edition called Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NES will be released on November 11th for $60. Instead of the old-school game cartridges, NES will have 30 built-in games including titles like Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Zelda. It’s a great week for Nintendo and Nintendo fans. (Source: USA Today)

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