Mark Zuckerberg Hacked

Zuckerberg Hacked

As the king of social media, we would have thought his passwords were iron clad. However,  Zuckerberg himself might have fallen for the old password as a password routine. Last week, hacker group Ourmine took hold of Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Bragging about their feats in a tweet saying, “Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, we were just testing your security, please dm us.” Awkward crickets when your personal accounts are hacked and you’re in charge of millions of others…Oopsie.  It’s still not clear as to how the hackers gained access to his accounts but all was restored quickly after. The hack marks just another in a string of celebrity hacking going on and reminder never use your name and 123 because it’s completely guessable. (Source: TenPlay)

Times Are A Changin

How much time do you spend scrolling through your ex’s favorites and stalking their followers? According to a new study conducted by SimilarWeb, people are spending far less time on social media…Like a lot. The marketing group compared Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat usage from January through March of 2016 to last year’s usage and consensus is clear – all four have experienced serious sag in daily usage. Facebook’s Instagram, has experienced the biggest drop of 23.7% followed by Twitter with 23.4% Snapchat at 15.7%and Facebook at 8%. The firm compared data from several countries including the U.S, Germany, Spain, the U.K and more to learn that total installs of all four apps is down 9%. We’re not psychics but the future of social media might be transforming into something new before we can even send a snap. (Source: MSN)

Dinner On A Cruise Please

I’ll take a reservation for two please at the nearest Star Wars themed dog convention. Swarm, who split from Foursquare, is making checking-in to locations a game with some serious real world incentives. Enough of the digital tokens, Swarm is offering two new methods – Swarm Perks and Swarm Challenges. Swarm Challenges will change weekly, for instance this week you must check-in to two outdoor restaurants. Upon doing so, you’ll be raffled in to win a free week at the spa, a dream vacation of up to $10,000, a cruise trip and more. Swarm Perks on the other hand works with national chains to give you added discounts to check-ins. The app will display nearby locations running discounts and once you select said location a bar code will appear which can be used at your next shopping trip. So, if you needed another reason to start checking in just visualize yourself laying on the beach with with endless margaritas. (Source: TechCrunch)

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