Man Marries His Smartphone. Seriously.

Man Marries His Smartphone

I now pronounce you husband and ….smartphone? You may now sign the data contract. Yup that’s right folks, Aaron Chevenek reigns as smartphone lover number one by tying the knot with his beloved phone in the marriage capital of the world, Las Vegas. Chevenek, a filmmaker, wanted to get hitched to point out how “symbolic and precious” our technological devices have become in our daily lives. COUGH, COUGH like we needed a reminder. The marriage is of course not legally binding but nonetheless the ceremony is still a tear jerker. Check out the love here, word has it the reception was held in a nearby Verizon Wireless store. As for the newlyweds, it’s only a matter of time before cyborg babies are factored into the equation. (Source: Glamour)

Uber Ups Its Game

Uber has been under fire these past months to implement stronger safety measures for both riders and drivers. Now they’re coming in hot by utilizing the gyrometer, accelerometer and GPS in drivers’ smartphones to send them weekly safety reports. Uber has always had access to driver information like speed, location and even whether the smartphone is in movement while driving. However, this is the first time they’re using the info at large scale. Along with sending driving score cards, Uber will send alerts for speeding and reminders to take breaks. The reports are rolling out for 11 U.S. cities and cities in India as well. It’s a way for drivers to get unbiased feedback, since rider reviews aren’t always fair, and higher safety monitoring for everyone. Now, Uber just has to fix backseat driving and traffic jams. (Source: MSN)

Google Maps Adds Multiple Travel Stops…Finally

If you’ve been following the #VanLife on Instagram and it’s inspired you to quit your job and drive cross-country to see the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn, then do we have news for you. Google Maps now allows travelers to add multiple stops on their itinerary. The feature allows you to fully plan your trips before entering navigation mode. So now you can see your actual ETA along with the best routes. Too bad the Griswolds didn’t have such a feature, maybe it’ll cut down on the “are we there yet’s?” (Source: Mashable)

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