Lyft Partners With Starbucks

Lyft Hands Out Starbucks Freebies

What do you say when the person in front of you uses Pinterest to order their Starbucks drink, “may I please have a frappuccino only half frozen?” Over the top. Over the top news for riders of the Lyft since Starbucks will be selling $20 gift cards at participating Starbucks locations. What’s cool is the card comes with a $5 credit for your coffee of choice. So feel free to go crazy ordering off the secret menu. Even better, now when you’re getting chauffeured around you’ll be racking in Starbucks Rewards Stars. This isn’t the first time these two have struck a love affair but this is the first time that riders can share the love and buy Lyft gift cards for others. Call Wyclef Jean because we’ve found where the love is. (Source TechCrunch)

Facebook Gets Rid of Ad-Blockers

Thought you could one-up Zuckerberg? Well think again, Facebook is going after all you ad-blocking enthusiasts out there. How you ask? Facebook is circumventing the ads so desktop users will no longer be able to block those pesky advertisements. Simultaneously they’ve made updates to their ad settings so now you’ll be able to pick and choose what kinds of ads you see. Are you nauseous from seeing too many premium cat food coupons? That’s what Facebook found out when they conducted a study to learn that people are sick & tired of intrusive ads. Duhh. Here’s what the layout looks like, and pick your interests wisely. (Source Mashable)

Google Optimizes Drive

The wait is over. Google has answered our many emails by allowing you to attach files from Google Drive within Inbox. Inbox has been around for two years now and if you’ve ever found it quite annoying to attach files in a pinch you wouldn’t be the first one. The update also comes with notifications from Github and Trello with summaries of your email’s content. Last but not least, the update brings in all of the various Google alerts you have set up to bring you a newsletter-style email with your personalized updates. For one glorious Inbox experience. Happy messaging. (Source: MSN)

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