LinkedIn Case Study: Sales Team Increases Efficiency by Ranking Contacts

Challenges: Apptio, a provider of SaaS-based technology business management solutions, found it difficult to classify roles and responsibilities of their LinkedIn contacts.

Actions: Sales reps took time to rank all their LinkedIn contacts by their role and responsibilities to the company.

Results: By ranking their contacts, the sales team became 30-40% more efficient using this social selling approach. The sales team also felt they built a higher level of trust with their stakeholders. [i]



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[i] LinkedIn. “Apptio Reaches Key Stakeholders with LinkedIn Sales Navigator,” LinkedIn Sales Solutions, 2013, Accessed May 20, 2016, https://business.linkedin. com/content/dam/business/sales-solutions/global/en_US/site/pdf/cs/linkedinapptio-case-study-en-us.pdf

About the Author: Erik Qualman

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