LinkedIn Case Study: Creating Thought Leaders = Sales

Challenge: National Bank of Canada (NBC), the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada, struggled with the ability to differentiate their wholesale business.

Actions: NBC used LinkedIn to position their wholesalers as “thought leaders” to reach new investment advisors.

Results: NBC experienced a 400% return on investment in the first 10 months, while simultaneously holding 250 meetings with investment advisors within a 3-month period. By using the social media platform, NBC became an innovative leader in the financial service industry, while also positioning NBC wholesalers as in demand experts. [i]


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[i] LinkedIn.”National Bank of Canada Grows Net Sales With LinkedIn Sales Navigator,” LinkedIn Sales Solution, 2013, Accessed May 20, 2016, https:// pdf/cs/linkedin-national-bank-of-canada-case-study-en-us.pdf

About the Author: Erik Qualman

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