#LikeAGirl Dominates Super Bowl #LikeAGirl

It’s rare following the Super Bowl spectacle for one Super Bowl message to be viewed as the clear winner of the night, the clear talking point. Super Bowl 2015 will be known as the night the world got behind the #LikeAGirl movement. If you missed the motivating mini-documentary you can view it below:

Of course, I might be biased. I am the proud father of two girls and spouse to an incredible wife. My entire Equalman Studios team is comprised of only females and my team amazes me every day by their passion, talent, selflessness and drive. That’s right, I’ve been fortunate in both my personal and business life to be surrounded by girls and I hope they continue to reach new heights #LikeAGirl. It’s their strength that makes me and others better everyday by their #LikeAGirl acts of kindness, bravery and ingenuity.

Fight #LikeAGirl

The video, sponsored by Always, is directed by documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield. People in the film are asked to demonstrate what doing things “like a girl” means to them. For example “throw like a girl.” Many respond with lackluster or silly efforts. The younger girls (8-12 years old), however, take an opposite approach. They are strong and proud to be girls. The epitome of these motivating young girls is one that boldly states that “running like a girl” means “running as fast as you can.” I could not agree more. To all the women in the world I say keep on running all the way to the top of the mountain #LikeAGirl.The video has since been viewed more than 80 million times in 150 countries.


There are detractors that argue it’s the Always brand simply trying to sell more feminine hygiene product. While this argument has merit, I personally believe it’s never a bad thing when we can help young females increase their confidence, especially during a very challenging age that is lined with many emotional hurdles both inside and outside the hallways of middle and high school. I do know this, if more people acted #LikeAGirl the world would be a better place. Go on, start kicking butt #LikeAGirl.

Run #LikeAGirl

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