Lenovo Smart Assistant to Combat Amazon’s Echo 6

Nano Cells: LG’s New Tech-Savvy TVs

By now, you’ve probably seen those aggressively large LCD TVs on display in stores like Best Buy. They always look great straight on, but aren’t quite as impressive from the side.  As part of the CES Conference in Las Vegas, LG is unveiling Super UHD TVs that employ new nano cell technology. These nano cell panels help the wider angles of the TV retain their luster even when you view the screen from different angles. Additionally, the picture will look better in areas with ambient lighting. For all you dads looking for that next TV to hang over your fireplace – that thing you haven’t lit since Christmas of 2009 – to watch the game, LG’s new product may help you. It’s especially helpful when you are straining your eyes from the kitchen to watch the game as Aunt Martha talks about her bunions.. (Source: Mashable)


Lenovo Produces New Smart Speaker to Combat Amazon

Because Siri isn’t enough for people these days, smart speakers have become a hot commodity for the home. The Amazon Echo, the most well-known speaking aid, can help people with quick information like telling them the weather, sports scores, or turning on/off smart-home appliances. Lenovo has now developed a new home speaker, the Smart Assistant, to battle the likes of Amazon for the throne of best home speaker. The Smart Assistant is equipped with 8 microphone speakers, and starts at $129.99. So those of you who just simply have to have a new speaker, the Lenovo Smart Assistant is the latest. Let’s be real, checking your phone for the weather is already too much work and sooo 2015. (Source: Mashable)


WhatsApp Drops Support of iOS 6 and older Androids

As if you needed another excuse to upgrade your old smartphone, popular messaging app WhatsApp will no longer support older smartphones for its one billion monthly users and counting. What’s old? Any iPhone running iOS 6 or older, Android 2.2 Froyo or older versions of Android. The company decided that these older operating systems would not support the app’s full line of capabilities. Shoot, guess you’ll need that new iPhone after all to send your latest winky emojis. (Source: Mashable)



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