The Kissinger makes Digital Kisses for Long Distance Lovers

Let Microsoft Find Your Keys

Can’t find your keys? Just wait for Microsoft to come out with a visual key finder. Microsoft has a patent that plans to use augmented reality to help you find your keys. Augmented reality is used by a head mounted computer that adds interactive objects to your view and can change the way you look at the world. Microsoft is working on the device HoloLens to scan your surroundings, learn the shape of objects, and tell if the surroundings have changed. They are also working to make the device interact with other HoloLens’ so that multiple people can help find your keys. Seems like the beeper key chain might be more effective but I don’t want to rain on the Microsoft parade. Keep in mind with Uber as well as keyless cars – the market for car keys is shrinking. (Business Insider)

New Year’s Kiss

Are you in a long distance relationship? The Kissenger is attempting to invent the digital kiss market. The device is a silicone pad that attaches to the bottom of your phone and mimics the pressure of your kiss. The person receiving the kiss must also have a Kissenger and receives the kiss via little motors simulating the kiss. This is for lip or cheek kisses, no tongue action – sorry…although some have tried to have their dogs send licks #Purell. The device only works for iOS systems, and looks like iPhone 7 won’t be getting kisses anytime soon. The device plugs into the headphone jack of the user’s phone. Maybe Apple should bring back the headphone jack and allow their users to kiss from far away….muah! (Mashable)

Edit Tweets or Delete Them

The controversy is on! Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is listening to Twitter users around their suggestion about being able to edit tweets after they have posted. While editing tweets remains a controversy, some companies are in favor, claiming it helps with typos and  adjusting any incorrect information posted #boneheadcomments. Dorsey agrees and there are rumors of editing tools that allows a five minute grace period to fix a tweet. The users against editing argue that if you can currently delete a tweet and post a modified one what is the point of editing one. (Engadget)


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