Kardashian vs. Swift Feud Takes over Social Media


Swift and Kayne are at it again – cue Innocent lyrics part II? Kim K posted Snapchat videos of Kayne and Taylor having a conversation over the phone about Kayne’s new song “Famous.” One Twitter user said Kim had the video all along and waited until #NationalSnakes day to post it. Kayne appears to be giving Taylor a line from the song for her approval: “To all my southside n—- that know me best/I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” Kayne even references her as “that bitch.” Taylor appears to thank Kayne saying it’s kind of a ‘compliment’ for the name-drop and she feels gratitude towards him for asking her permission. Taylor took to the Internet saying she objected being called “that bitch” and was being painted falsely as a liar, because Kayne never played her any part of the song. Twitter blew up with #KimExposedTaylorParty to dedicate the drama. Fabricated or nah? (Source: People)

Apple Enters Medical Industry

Apple is making their way into the medical field. They are partnering with British firm GlaxoSmithKline to use the app ResearchKit for studies on arthritis. ResearchKit is supposed to reduce the cost of research studies, by eliminating the cost of travel for participants to research centers and the cost for the lab. Participants using the app can track the symptoms of arthritis by answering questions about their health. This 3-month study will easily gather data by using sensors to track joint pain, moods and fatigue. Apple’s hope to transform into a healthcare technology provider has already made headway from their Health app and release of the Apple watch. GSK’s decision to continue the partnership after the trial run will be determined by the results of the study. (Source: The Verge)

Mastercard Makes Breakthrough Transformations

Mastercard has recently announced some breakthrough changes. The first is a subtle change on their branding. Instead of “MasterCard,” the capitalization is removed so there is no longer an emphasis on the actual card. It’ll read “mastercard” instead – subtle change might be an overstatement.

The rebranding is the beginning of their transformation to a more digital world. They are replacing physical credit cards with Masterpass – pay for items through your phone. Mastercard’s senior business leader said one of the key differences from other companies is that the transaction comes straight from user’s bank accounts. However, they are planning to use the most advanced security methods, including network tokenization – the process of hiding sensitive data in symbols – for obvious security reasons. At their New York City event, they showcased the process of using Masterpass. Think purchasing train tickets, coke bottles and paying & splitting a check to speed up the payment process. Would you trust paying through your phone? (Source:Mashable)

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