iPhone 8 Rumors

New iPhone 8 May Not Have a Home Button

First you take away our headphone jacks, and now you take away our home button? According to a report by Fast Company, the new 10th anniversary iPhone is going to have a massive overhaul on its design, removing not only the home button, but all physical buttons from the phone. They will be replaced with touch-sensitive inlays in the metal, reducing the iPhone to a slab of touchable glass. The Fruit is also said to be looking into 3D technology for this new model. If they want to compensate for the loss of the headphone jack and now the home button, our text messages better appear as holograms or Siri better know when I want pizza without saying a word. (Source: Mashable).


Introducing YouTube Go…Kind Of

The YouTube hype is very real. In an event in India last September, Google announced the development of YouTube Go, a lighter and faster version of the giant video streaming service that exists today. The new app released an early version onto the Google Play store on Wednesday, allowing for users to stream videos faster, share files directly with other users, and take up less space on their phone. (Source: Mashable).


Google Brings the Rainforest To Your Phone

To keep the augmented reality phase going in this day and age, Google has developed a new exhibit that allows users to see a rainforest through their smartphone in Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. The first exhibit of its kind in Asia, users simply pick up a Lenovo smartphone enabled with a new augmented reality platform developed by Google called Tango. By walking around the museum with their phone, users can see the the rainforest and catch glimpses of endangered species in their natural habitat. So instead of wandering around the museum looking at just the art and exhibits, it’s cooler if you stare at your phone to look at animated tigers and gorillas…or Pokémon. (Source: Mashable).

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