iPad 2 Covers Steal the Show

iPad 2 covers may have stolen the show at the recent iPad 2 announcement. Apple‘s created the iPad 2 Smart Cover.  The cover design is genius in its simplicity.  The iPad 2 covers come in 10 different color options and they adhere/magnetically to special metal spots on the new iPad.

The cover automatically wakes the iPad 2 when it’s unraveled.  The Smart Cover folds similar to an accordion-style yoga mat so it doubles as a triangular stand if you want to type or watch a movie.

It’ll be $39 in plastic (in five colors), and $69 (also with a choice of five colors) for leather.  One issue with the covers is they will not protect the edges and back much from drops, the hope is that this cover is compatible with third-party covers (e.g., Speck) that do offer this protection.

iPad 2 Cover Colors

Will the new iPad 2 case work on the original iPad?

The new case won’t work for the original iPad since it doesn’t have the metal posts for the cover to adhere to.

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