Hulu Hits Home with Disney Deal

Hulu New Home for Disney Movie Streaming

Good news to all Netflixers who can’t find that one Disney movie you’re having nostalgia over! Hulu announced on Tuesday that the online streaming service has acquired the rights to over 50 classic Disney theatrical films. To date, this is the largest deal yet by Hulu. While Netflix has been building up its database full of TV shows, Hulu has wandered in the opposite direction, upgrading its movie library. Titles like Tarzan, Mulan, Pocahontas and Air Bud are included in the multi-year deal. So when that classic song that goes ‘Let’s get down to business, to defeat the Huns..’ gets stuck in your head, you’ll know where to go to solve your childhood craving. Did you know this digital transformation speaker has a partnership with Disney? (Source: Mashable)

LG’s New Personal and Dorky Surround Sound System

Have you ever wanted the booming vibrations of a surround system all to yourself, up close and personal? You may want to look into LG’s latest creation, the Tone Studio. An object that looks more like a neck rest, the device carries four speakers to provide its wearer a personal, surround sound experience. It is also equipped with a Hi-Fi DAC to increase audio quality to bring the feeling of a movie theater right to you. If you want to look even more annoying, a dual-play mode allows you to connect two speakers together for double the sound experience. This is the part where you should probably reevaluate your life. (Source: Mashable)

China’s New Phone Helps Battery Crisis

Who doesn’t own a smartphone? The average person unlocks their iPhone 80 times per day. Just like everyone else, you’re likely plagued by a short battery life due to everyday usage. Chinese tech company, Gionee, has cultivated a new product that may help solve that issue. Enter the M2017, a massive new smartphone equipped with a 7,000mAh battery, allowing for several days of use without charge, and up to 26 hours of video. Along with this gargantuan battery, other specs of the phone aren’t too shabby. A 5.7 inch display and metal/leather case make the phone look elegant, while 128GB of storage allow for you to store whatever your heart desires without getting that annoying pop up message ‘Storage Almost Full’. (Source: Mashable)


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