Hulu Ends Free Streaming

Hulu Ends Free Streaming

Hulu as you know it is about to end. The video streaming site used to allow you to watch TV shows supported by advertisements. This was annoying because that one-minute car advertisement came up every ten minutes but also okay because you didn’t have to pay to catch up on The Bachelor. Hulu also offers a paid subscription service which allows you to watch more of your favorite shows than the free version and without the ads. Well, Hulu has realized that the free service isn’t really doing much for them so they are breaking ties with this service and saying we’ll take more paid subscriptions please. Still not into the idea of paying for a Hulu subscription? This is where Yahoo steps in. Yahoo realized they could take over what Hulu lost with Yahoo View. The new service lets you watch recent episodes from major networks like ABC, Fox and NBC at no charge. Binge away. (Source: Fast Company) Bought for $429 Million

Job searching website was bought by Randstad, a Dutch human resources company. The deal cost Randstad $429 million in cash. Monster as you know it won’t be changing much because Randstad plans to keep Monster as its own entity and branding. The acquisition comes at a time when Monster was feeling pressure after LinkedIn doubled their job listings last year and was bought by Microsoft earlier this year. Monster CEO Tim Yates said, “Joining Randstad provides a unique opportunity to accelerate our ability to connect more people to more jobs. Together with Randstad, Monster will be better positioned to fulfill our core mission, and our employees will benefit from becoming part of a larger, more diversified company.” We’ll keep a watch on how this works out. (Source: USA Today)

Facebook Adds More Olympic Coverage

Are you full on Olympic watch mode? Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, there’s just too much we want to watch. Facebook is helping make sure you don’t miss any event. Facebook has partnered with more than 20 broadcasters and National Olympic Committees to bring more content to your Facebook and Instagram feeds. This means more live video, more video highlights and more photos coming from various broadcasters.  More of your favorite athletes. More of your favorite sports. More of your favorite spectators. #OlympicsRock (Source: Mashable)  

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