How To Write LinkedIn Recommendations


A boss, colleague or employee may have positively influenced your career. They may have inspired you to post-it-forward (see Tip #11) or they may have asked you for a recommendation (see Tip #15). Writing recommendations helps improve the recipient’s credibility and creates goodwill for the recommender and receiver. Additionally, the person is likely to return the favor and write a recommendation for you.

“Ninety-one percent of customers say they’d give referrals. Only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals” ~ Dale Carnegie

Not only does it look good for the recipient, but it also reflects positively upon your giving attitude and team mindset. Moreover, your name will appear next to your recommendation—think of it as free advertising that your prospects might see.

How: Writing a LinkedIn recommendation may sound difficult, but it can be done in four simple steps. The guidance below will assist you in writing winning recommendations.[i]

  1. Set the stage of your relationship with the person: Give a simple summary of the relationship between you and the person whom you are writing a recommendation for. This will give the reader the benefit of context.
  2. Talk about the position you were in when you worked with them: Did you and the person you are writing a recommendation for work together in the same role or perhaps multiple roles? No matter the position, explain parts of the job they exceled in and tasks they were held responsible for. This gives the reader a summary of what they did in certain roles.
  3. Share results: Results can be shown by a short success story or metrics. Sharing results gives the reader a real example of what the person is capable of and can leave a great impression. Connect these achievements with the individual’s qualities.
  4. Tell a personal note: End with a personal note of your hopes for them or a personal reflection of your experience working with the individual.


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[i] Wainwright, Corey. “A Simple Formula for a Stellar LinkedIn Recommendation [Quick Tip].” A Simple Formula for a Stellar LinkedIn Recommendation [Quick Tip]. September 30, 2014. Accessed June 01, 2016.

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