How to Sell on LinkedIn: Across All Channels

How to Sell on LinkedIn: Across All Channels


Reaching your customer where they want to be reached when they are ready to buy is critical to increasing sales. Social selling is a great way to do this.


LinkedIn is the greatest selling and prospecting tool we have ever seen. However, this doesn’t mean you replace all your offline and online strategies that have worked in the past. Specifically:

Social selling doesn’t replace your coffees, meetings, lunches and golf outings. Refer to Tip #16 in my book How To Sell on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily designed to help start and deepen relationships when time and distance are an issue.

Use your EQ (emotional intelligence) to determine when and where each individual customer wants to be reached both offline and online— keeping in mind that everyone differs. If a client loves the ballet, taking them to a football game doesn’t make much sense. So use Facebook, email, direct mail, birthday cards and such to properly cross-sell and augment your LinkedIn social selling activity.

There is exponential power in meeting people for lunches, as well as having your message appear in your prospect’s mailbox, inbox and social feed.


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