Linkedin: Live Streaming 30-Second Videos

Linkedin: Live Streaming 30-Second Videos

At the time of this writing, LinkedIn just announced they would be testing live streaming video with 500 select influencers. If all goes well, they will roll it out to everyone. I strongly encourage you to test a few videos when this capability becomes available. It will not be for everyone, as you need to be comfortable in front of a camera. It is worth testing right away, as some of you will make millions of dollars just by doing this alone.

The key is to be yourself and focus on the niche that you know best. Always ask yourself before turning on the camera how you are going to provide value to the viewer, client or prospect. This can be done via humor, facts, summarizing news, etc. Play to your strengths. If you aren’t funny, then don’t try and use humor. Test it out as soon as you can, as the first movers on platforms generally attract large numbers of followers.


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