How to Listen First, Sell Last on LinkedIn

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Listen First, Sell Last. What does listening actually mean when it comes to digital?

Science of Compassion

Selling more begins by changing our mental approach and online actions. Research shows that becoming compassionate to others leads to an increase in creativity, problem-solving skills and our sense of connection to others. [i] Compassionate behavior enables our abilities to persist longer at unfavorable tasks and act as a buffer to stress. [ii] When you adopt a compassionate approach, not only will you work smarter, longer and more efficiently, but you’re also more likely to pick yourself back up when you’re down.

Whether you’re trying to reach your monthly sales target or land that strategic account you’ve been chasing, lose the gimmicks because they’re to easily detected online. A compassionate approach means thinking of “we” instead of “I.” Cultivate digital mindfulness. We’re familiar with the idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so, make it a daily practice to think of your customers as people rather than revenue sources. [iii] The easiest way to do this is by asking questions. Practice digital mindfulness by asking your customers questions and actively listening to their answers.

Apply the practices of empathetic thinking and digital mindfulness with every post, comment and online action to ensure your business is sincerely in operation to help others. Most of you reading this are familiar with the concept of ABC, Always Be Closing. Often, when it comes to social selling the best way to close sales is to follow the mantra of ABH, Always Be Helping.

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