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Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan

Twitter temporarily suspended Rose McGowan’s account while she was using the platform to speak out against sexual harassment in the midst of allegations surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Apparently, Twitter’s anti-abuse algorithms triggered McGowan’s suspension. While her account has been reinstated, this isn’t the first case of Twitter shutting down someone’s voice against sexual abuse. Many other users who have reported threats of rape or other forms of sexual harassment have been told by Twitter that this kind of speech violates its community standards. Whether McGowan’s account suspension was intentional or not, @jack (AKA Jack Dorsey) has got a lot of explaining to do. #WomenBoycottTwitter (Source: TechCrunch)


*Spoiler Alert* The Hulk Forgot to Turn Off His Phone

Mark Ruffalo accidentally live streamed part of Thor: Ragnarok through his Instagram account at the premiere. His phone, which he forgot to turn off, sat in his pocket and recorded the audio of the film for all of his fans to hear. After realizing his mistake, Ruffalo jokingly tweeted that the whole thing was intentional, turning what could have been a monumental spoiler into a funny, lighthearted incident. As motivational speaker @equalman would say, it’s all about being #FLAWsome! (Source: Fox News)


Facebook Gives Investigators Russian Ad Targeting Data

Facebook released over 3,000 ads to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, taking ownership on Russian misinformation given on the platform during the 2016 election. “Things happened on our platform that should not have happened,” COO Sheryl Sandberg admitted, in addition to stating that the company would provide investigators with Russian ad targeting data. Sandberg reinforced the fact that Facebook wants to function as a politically neutral platform, and she hopes to diversify the board in the future. In addition, the COO said that not all fake news needs to be politically motivated – sometimes these things are financially motivated. In response, Facebook is removing such economic incentives that would encourage this type of behavior. (Source: The Verge & Bloomberg Tech)

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