Hero to Zero: Record-setting Kickstarter Cooler Campaign Fails to Deliver

Drone Downs Plane in UK

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a drone!? British Airways pilot reported to authorities that a drone struck flight A320 during its landing. An object struck the front of the plane while the plane was descending toward Heathrow airport in London. Aboard the flight were 137 passengers and 5 crew members and fortunately no one was injured. The Aviation Policing Force took to Twitter to remind people of drone laws. Don’t drone owners know to disguise their drones as geese. Maybe someone will get be charged with FDUI… Flying drones under the influence? (Source NBC News)


Hero to Zero: Record-setting Kickstarter Cooler Campaign Fails to Deliver

Steps to ruining a Kickstarter campaign as told by COOLEST Cooler. Recently the cooler company whom previously had raised the most money EVER on Kickstarter ($13 million) is getting some serious heat from backers, and for good reason. First, the company realized they set the Kickstarter price FAR too low $169 when it should have been $400 in order to cover costs. This error was compounded when aa blender strike in China inflated manufacturing costs. Hence the people at the coolest couldn’t deliver the goods. Not COOL.

What they did next no COOL To try and make up for the shortfall of cash they started selling coolers on Amazon for $399. So people that order on Amazon were getting coolers before Kickstarter backers – who originally paid $165. Not COOL. The coolest had promised backers their Coolers by November 2015 but have only delivered a third of them.

As you can imagine backers are not pleased. Backers started giving massive amounts of fake 1-star Amazon reviews. Sales officially cooled. . Their final solution, if backers are willing to cough-up an additional $97 they will guaranteed delivery by July 4th. The onions on these guys.  More fireworks to come on this by July 4th. (Source: Email Newsletter Stand)

How Many Times A Day Do You Unlock Your iPhone?

Apple revealed that iPhone users unlock their phone roughly 80 times per day. That’s not counting the 100 times your two-year old unlocks your phone. Owners are taking security seriously, (as they should) with 89% employing the use of a multi-digit passcodes or TouchID. It’s easy to forget your passcode, tough to forget your finger.  (Source: The Verge)

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