GPS in a Bottle

Message In a Bottle                                                                                                                     

Imagine wandering down to the shore and finding a bottle with a message in it. That is exactly what happened to a lady in Scotland. The lady found a bottle washed ashore with a GPS tracking device inside the bottle. The bottle, as it turns out, is part of an experiment. Two bottles with GPS trackers were dropped into the sea with the underlying message (#pun) of showcasing to children that waste does not simply disappear on its own. There is a second bottle still out at sea. The real question is does The Police need to remake the song “Message in a Bottle…with a GPS tracker.” ( Source: Mashable)

Google Queue

Google has been updated once again, and this time it’s bringing queue to searches. The new update allows users to create a queue for searches done offline. The offline Google searches will be stored under the management setting, and will resume once your device has found service. I’ve got a hunch that we should be seeing story soon where a queued search for something nefarious pops up when another user of the phone or computer logs in – not a good look. Of course we have a book for this: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube.  (Source: Mashable)

Vine Camera

The vine camera is now available on Google Play, with a rating of 4.2 despite all the haters. Like TayTay sings in her song Shake It Off, “Haters Gonna Hate” which is exactly what is happening to Vine Camera as it replaces Vine on Twitter. Vine Camera still allows the user to record 6 seconds of video that constantly loops. The only downside to the app is the user is not able to go into  full video editing. The video is only allowed to be cropped and rearrange. We really aren’t certain how this is that much different from the original Vine, but time will tell.  (Source: Android Headlines)

We have a new book (#shamelessplug): How to Sell on LinkedIn by a digital leadership speaker.

About the Author: Erik Qualman

Often called a Digital Dale Carnegie and The Tony Robbins of Tech, Erik Qualman is a #1 Best Selling Author and Motivational Keynote Speaker that has spoken in 49 countries.

His Socialnomics work has been featured on 60 Minutes to the Wall Street Journal and used by the National Guard to NASA. His book Digital Leader propelled him to be voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling. Qualman is a sitting professor at Harvard & MIT's edX labs.

His latest book What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube is a Pulitzer Prize nominated work.
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