Google’s World Lens App

Google World Lens Lets You Instantly Translate Written Languages

If you’re ever in a foreign country and wish you could understand the written language you see surrounding you, you’re in luck. Thanks to Google’s World Lens app, you can point your smart phone for an instant translation of the text displayed. Recently, Google announced the augmented reality app has added Japanese, so now all those hard to understand characters and symbols you see can be translated. It even works when your phone doesn’t have an internet connection. This will help you order that spicy kung-pao chicken instead of the re-fried chicken skin (yep, it’s a thing). (Source: Mashable).


LA E-waste Company Providing Second Chances

Ever heard the term E-waste? Isidore Electronics Recycling is a Los Angeles based full-service recycling company specializing in E-waste recycling. Specifically, they are taking discarded tech (think old TVs, computers, radios, etc.) and turning them into useable materials. Not only is this cause good for the planet, the company believes in giving those who have exited California’s correctional system a second chance. These people face potential barriers in the workforce once they exit the correctional facility.Isidore provides employment opportunities, giving them a new start. (Source: Mashable).
iOS 10.3 Has Hidden Keyboards Come on Apple! Don’t deny me! That is what developer Steve Troughton-Smith was shouting. He was quick to find new keyboards hidden in Apple’s beta version of iOS 10.3. The first feature is a ‘floating keyboard’ that hovers over apps, and can be moved anywhere on the screen. The second hidden keyboard is a ‘gesture keyboard’, citing the use of gestures and swipes to backspace or space. These keyboards are tucked away deep within the software update’s code. Apple could also be saving the new keyboards for a future version of iOS. So, unless you’re a high-tech software hacker, you won’t be seeing these keyboards anytime soon. (Source: Mashable).


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