Google Punishing Sites with Pop-Up Ads

Google Punishing Sites with Pop-Up Ads

Sites with pop-up ads are annoying enough on an desktop, but pop-up ads on a mobile device are infuriating as they sometimes take over the whole browser. Google plans to end our frustration by punishing those websites. Next year, Google will start pushing websites with intrusive advertisements down on search results. The goal is to have their search results promote sites with the best information and the least amount of annoying advertisements, as google believes these annoying ads cause a poor experience for users. Google is hoping to revolutionize mobile browsing experience with their new plan. (Source: Ars Technica)

Become a Professional Pokémon Go Trainer

If you’re in the market for a new job, a new professional field has opened up in the Pokémon Go world. Funzing, a company that aims to improve people’s social life, has just hired Ivy Lim, a 22-year-old model and DJ from Singapore, to help their company organize Pokémon Go events and also attend these events to show people how to play. It is not stated what Lim’s qualifications were to get this job, but it is safe to say one must be obsessed with the game, like Lim, to get a job in it. Lim has signed a three-month contract, in which she gets $1000 a month. Despite the measly pay, if you plan to quit your job to play Pokémon Go full-time, maybe find some sort of income as a professional Pokémon trainer instead. (Source: Mashable)

Pinterest’s Instapaper Acquisition

Pinterest Inc. has just acquired Instapaper, an app that allows users to bookmark articles and save them for later. In the acquisition, Instapaper will remain in operation as a separate app from Pinterest. Pinterest already allows millions of people to save images and articles, bookmarking them for later, to user created ‘boards’. Pinterest states that they “would leverage Instapaper’s expertise in recommending articles based on user behavior.” Pinterest aims to become a new type of search engine, which allows users to discover new ideas. Pinterest’s main goal right now is improving their recommendation service. Product manager Steve Davis states, “Instapaper will work with us to continue building indexing and recommendations technologies, and [they] look forward to building great products together.” (Source: Wall Street Journal)

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