Google Phone App Can Detect Spam Callers

Google Detects Spam Calls

Don’t you hate getting calls from random spam numbers? Well, Google has devised a way to detect spam callers with an app. But before you get to excited, the Google Phone app is only available on Android One and Nexus phones. One more catch for the Google Phone app is that Android One and Nexus phone owners must update their device to the newest version of Google Phone. The app with give phone owners the ability to report and block spam, and report spam labeled as spam that wasn’t actually spam. (Source: Mashable)


Sega’s New Plug-And-Play Genesis

Since the release of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console, Sega and AtGames have also joined the bandwagon and tried their hand at their own plug-and-play system. So what makes it different than the Nintendo version? The Sega system includes a SD card and game cartridge slot. This allows you to, not only play the 40 preloaded games, but many more. The additional card slots do come at a steep price! The Sega plug-and-play system will be $5 dollars more than the Nintendo Version. I wonder which one will do better during the upcoming holiday season. (Source:Digital Trends)


Apple’s Pencil Stylus

Apple plans for the Pencil stylus to include applications what will allow the Pencil to work with the existing and new Mac trackpads. The stylus will allow you to sign electronic signatures and write in non-roman characters. Also, for all you gamers out there, the stylus can be used a joystick for gaming as a ‘sword, wand, or a hammer.’ Or if music is your forte, you can use the stylus as a ‘drumstick, xylophone mallet, a gong beater, a conductor’s baton, or other musical instruments.” Also, Apple has teased that they are playing with the idea of the Pencil stylus detecting finger rotation and position, as well as how much force being applied to the track pad. (Source: Mashable)

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