Google Goes Green

December 6th

Title: Google Goes Green

Google Offices to Use 100% Renewable Energy in 2017

Good news all you Google goers! Starting next year, all Google offices will be using 100% renewable energy to power its facilities and services. The tech monster has stated that it has purchased enough wind and solar energy sources to power its electricity use globally. This means that all servers, videos, apps and everything else that Google offers will be energized through emissions free power. Last year, Google only used 44 percent of renewables to power its services, so this is an incredible leap for the company to make. The nerds at Google have pulled through yet again. (Source: Mashable)

Netflix Brings Video Previews to its Selection

If you’re like everyone else, more than likely you struggle to choose a Netflix show to watch while you’re sitting in bed eating Chinese take-in. There is such a massive selection of things you’ve never heard of that you don’t know where to start! Starting next Tuesday, Netflix is introducing a new addition to its user interface, by adding short video previews of each show for the user to see. This way, binge-watchers can get a feel for the show they’re about to watch non-stop for the next 6 hours, instead of diving into something that seemed interesting, but turned out to be a snooze. So fear not fellow Netflixers, diving into a new show just got a whole lot easier! (Source: Mashable)

New Wifi Calling Allows Phone Calls Without Cell Reception

Odds are, time and again your cell phone provider loses its reception in the most inconvenient of situations. You could be on an important call with your boss, texting a loved one, or trying to order that pizza you’ve been thinking about since the morning. A new feature from all 4 major cell providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) will allow callers to still make phone calls if they do not have service in their area. Wifi Calling allows users to make those important calls so long as they have a connection to Wifi. So whether you’re sitting in a cramped Starbucks, or at that overcrowded grocery store, Wifi Calling will help you make those ever important calls in any situation. (Source: TIME)

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