Google Enters the Ride-Sharing Game

Google’s Ride-Sharing Service

Google is offering a ride-sharing service through their app Waze, which allows you to connect with other commuters to set up a carpool. Google will launch its service in San Francisco this fall. The new service will put Google in direct competition with Uber. Although unlike Uber, who connects you to a driver willing to drive you anywhere, Google is trying to connect different drivers whom are headed in the same direction. Because this is a co-driving arrangement, Google states that the fees will be low. This is a shady move on Google’s part, as the two companies have history. Google invested in the early stages of Uber, and even brought them into the Google Maps app as an option for an additional mode of transport. But it seems as if the more Uber grows, the more they want to become independent from Google. Your move Uber. (Source: TechCrunch)

Australia’s First Driverless Bus

Move over driverless cars, Australia has a new futuristic bus called RAC Intellibus. The RAC Intellibus has just begun road trials in Perth, and is said to be able to dodge anything in the bus’ way. It sounds nerve-racking right? The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) has been granted special permission from the government to have the futuristic bus go through a three-month public trial. If all goes well, the RAC Intellibus will have its route extended from its current 2.5 km radius. Potential passengers of the route can register to try the bus before it’s out of trial, but there are only 11 seats on the bus with room for 4 standing passengers. Don’t worry wary passengers – there are seat belts on the bus. Buckle up. The RAC Intellibus is part of an effort to lessen the number of cars on the street. (Source: Mashable)

Snapchat Remains Strong

There are many Snapchat clones out there, Instagram’s version and Facebook’s Lifestage app, but it seems as if these clones haven’t reduced the number of Snapchat users. It has been a month since the arrival of Instagram’s clone, but data providers like SurveyMonkey and Apptopia haven’t found any significant decline in Snapchat users. However, the battle between the two social apps has just begun. Instagram’s Snapchat clone may still be the death of Snapchat, although if things remain the same Snapchat may prevail. (Source: BuzzFeed)

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