Gen Next and Artificial Intelligence with Milan Kordestani

We have a great episode for you today. Erik sits down with Milan Kordestani. Milan is the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal Best Seller “I’m Just Saying: A Guide to Maintaining Civil Discourse in an Increasingly Divided World,” which provides practical advice and strategies for respectful communication. He is a recognized expert on “Gen Next” (millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha) and a three-time founder with a passion for building sustainable businesses that foster positive social change. These companies include Nota (formerly known as The Doe), a narrative publication promoting civil discourse anonymously; Audo, a personalized career-building destination; and Guin Records, an artist-friendly record label empowering purpose-driven lyricists. Erik and Milan discuss Gen Next and how they consume content, the loneliness epidemic, and all things artificial intelligence.

5x #1 Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Erik Qualman has performed in over 55 countries and reached over 50 million people this past decade. He was voted the 2nd Most Likable Author in the World behind the Harry Potter series.

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Gen Next and Artificial Intelligence with Milan Kordestani

Episode Preview:

“So I think Gen Z is a native first generation. So they’ve grown up digitally natives, and they are we, I should say, I’m Gen Z. You know, we struggle a lot with communication right now more than ever, and we’re almost like this looked at as like this anxious generation, I think in a unique way, which is really tragic in some ways because we also have this like large loneliness epidemic that’s going on. But I think that one of the commonalities that Gen Z faces with other generations is that we’re all kind of plagued by this new world of digital communication and the challenges that come with that. The challenges that pose on you know, maintaining a democracy on creating a connection with one another. And that’s one of the unified challenges that we have to kind of fight together…

“So you mentioned loneliness is a big deal, is that for certain generations? Or is it all the younger generations that are lonely?”

So I think it’s predominantly Gen Z and, and millennials as well, but it’s, it’s heavily seen among Gen Z individuals. And then it includes millennials but it tapers down as you start to get older, to the generations that don’t communicate as much digitally. And this data is pre-COVID, as well. So it’s not just a pandemic-induced loneliness epidemic. And it’s heavily in Western cultures, less in Eastern cultures. And what that specifically means is that in cultures that are more individualistic, where you are kind of pushed to go out and make your money and survive and kind of build a life on your own, rather than a culture that is more community-focused of like taking care of family being a part of your community, not leaving and venturing out so much. You know, there are different pressures from each type of culture. But in our Western culture, it’s this loneliness epidemic, which is problematic, you know, it ends up creating lots of mental health issues, and then you end up with this whole drug and opioid crisis. And it’s kind of like a cascading problem.”

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