Froogle Fiasco

Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

Google has 90 days to give equal treatment to smaller rival sites or else face an increase to its fine that’s already resting at $2.7 billion. In what is widely considered the largest antitrust ruling in Europe since the Microsoft decision in 2004, the European Commission is cracking down on Google for tampering search results and demoting rival services. Google Shopping, previously named Froogle, has been in place for more than six years, and complaints about the product search engine date back to 2009. While the fine will only make a small dent in Google’s cash load, the decision will force the company to adjust the way it operates and face the consequences of breaching EU antitrust laws. It’s up to Google on how the company will comply with the Commission’s ultimatum and the likely regulatory check ups for years to come. Okay, Google. What’s another word for ‘sorry?’ (Source: TechCrunch & Bloomberg Tech)


The Ransomware Attack is Back

Remember last month’s WannaCry attack? Well, a similar ransomware attack hit yesterday with the most severe damage targeted in Ukraine. Airlines, banks, and utilities are being compromised across Europe, and the virus has spread internationally. The ransomware, a kind of virus that locks people out of their computers and demands they pay up to take back control, affected Microsoft operating systems only. It’s unclear who is behind the stunt. It seems companies that failed to patch their systems after the WannaCry attack are now paying the price. (Source: TechCrunch, The Verge & theSkimm)


⅔ of the World Just Sent You a Friend Request

Of the 7 billion people in this world, 2 billion of them are now active users of Facebook. Thirteen years after launching, Facebook is now officially the largest social app in terms of logged-in users, surpassing YouTube, WeChat, and Twitter. The company packaged this impressive milestone announcement with its “Good Adds Up” personalized video to celebrate the occasion. This successful feat pairs well with Facebook’s recently updated mission statement to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Now that ⅔ of the online population are on Facebook, it’s time the company focuses on how it can build trust and empathy between its users and the world. (Source: TechCrunch & Mashable)



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