Ford to Introduce Self Driving Cars by 2021

Ford to Introduce Self Driving Cars by 2021

Up next in the self-driving car phase is Ford. The car maker is joining Tesla and Google to create a Car that doesn’t need you. Ford says their self driving cars will not have steering wheels, brakes or gas pedals. Human not included and human no necessary. Ford’s CEO Mark Fields believes Ford is no longer just an auto company but also a mobility company. Ford plans to mass produce these cars and provide a supplement to mass transit. (Source: TechCrunch)

Pinterest Launches Promoted Clips

Pinterest has realized they are a bit behind on the video craze and are trying to catch up. They are launching a new type of video ad that will help them step up their video presence and monetize on it. “Promoted videos” will follow in the steps of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as an autoplay ad that seems part of the feed. So now when you’re scrolling pictures of dream houses you might see a random video start playing. Pinterest is encouraging advertisers to create videos that fit the aesthetic of the website, so how-to’s, product placements and recipes are all great ideas. (Source: Mashable)

Amazon Teams Up with Product Hunt

Thought you couldn’t spend any more money on useless Amazon things? We know the “Click to buy” is just too easy. Well Amazon isn’t going to stop you from this anytime soon. The ecommerce giant has collaborated with start-up Product Hunt to bring you more of what you want (and probably shouldn’t buy). Product Hunt will be working directly with Amazon Launchpad. Amazon Launchpad shows the latest and greatest products from start-ups. Product Hunt will be helping them discover these innovative items and provide more cool things for consumers. It’s a win/win for all sides because Amazon Launchpad will have a showcase of “Featured on Product Hunt” and Product Hunt will link items to purchase on Amazon. A couple stand out items on there today are: eero home WiFi, Petcube and Prynt. (Source: Mashable)

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