Focusing on Time Management

It was difficult to contain my excitement for this month—focusing on getting organized and protecting my schedule! The payoff for cleaning and organizing is seeing the immediate results, the instant return on our most important investment: Time. A disheveled pile of books transforms into a neatly arranged bookshelf—voilà, instant gratification. A messy desk appears almost new after a few minutes of decluttering. A busy calendar can be modified in moments.

Ready to attack, I also wanted to avoid taking on too much. Everywhere I looked seemed like an opportunity—the entire world required organizing! To help limit my scope, I would focus this month on physical organization rather than digital organization. If time allowed for some digital organization, I’d sprinkle it in here and there (Here’s looking at you, seven years of family photos still on my iPhone!).

My Top 10 Items For February

Your list will differ, but here are my top 10 items for February:

  1. Organize and reduce the number of items in my closet.
  2. Clean the garage before it explodes from all the dangerous fumes.
  3. Tackle the filing cabinets so I can actually find last year’s tax return.
  4. Clean the refrigerator—your time is up 2017 Christmas IPA!
  5. Declutter my “electronic graveyard” drawers.
  6. Update Last Will and Testament to include our youngest daughter…not joking.
  7. Get a Texas Driver’s License—Yes, I was going on 6 years using my Massachusetts one!
  8. Adjust and organize the timing on the sprinklers to reduce our use of water.
  9. Purchase all my airline flights for my speaking engagements and book signings at least three months out so I can stop being crammed into the middle seat while paying $950 for a 45-minute flight.
  10. Get additional house keys made.

Getting the house keys made was a surprisingly fun activity and it only took five minutes. My daughters had a blast selecting from the key designs. Rainbows, narwhals, and princesses were the winners. While it is a little embarrassing giving my neighbor a sparkling rainbow key shaped like a unicorn, the memory with my daughters is one I cherish every time we use it.




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