Flying Cars in 10 Years

Autonomous Flying Aircraft

Several companies around the globe are working on flying cars. Last year, Uber released a 98-page report stating the business aspects of an air taxi. Uber won’t be building a flying car, but they do want to network with the companies constructing them. One such company is commercial airline manufacturer Airbus with headquarters in Toulouse, France. “In as little as 10 years, products could be on the market that revolutionizes urban travel for millions of people” indicates Zach Lovering who leads the Airbus project called Vahana.  (Source: The New York Times)

Shade Here, Shade There, Shade Everywhere

President Trump might need to hit the tanning booth with all the shade being thrown his way. Google joined the shade throwing party this Monday with their daily Doodle. The tech company celebrated Fred Korematsu’s 98th birthday by putting him on the Google home page.  Korematsu was an American civil rights activist who fought against Japanese internment during World War II. While Google didn’t overtly state the reason, many believe it was a response to Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin was seen at the San Francisco Airport protest. Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to his staff late Friday, hours after the ban, sharing that the move affected at least 187 of his employees. The company is raising $2 million and matching the same amount for the employees affected by the ban. To be continued. (Source: Mashable)

2016 Holiday Sales Affect Fitbit

Health and fitness giant Fitbit will be laying off six percent of their workforce, or roughly 110 employees. Their quarterly earnings report was showed a decline in sales. Despite this setback, the company still has plans to enter the smartwatch market. Fitbit has stated that they have what it takes to enter this market while remaining true to their health and fitness focus. The full quarterly earnings report will be available February 22nd.  (Source: The Verge)


Are flying cars really coming this soon? Keynote speaker has radical ideas on topics related to these among many others.

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